not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I talked to my sister last night on the phone and we laughed....really hard and it felt really good. These are the only pics I could find where I'm laughing as hard as I was last night and they make me laugh just looking at them. (By the way, these are from Sri Lanka, I was cracking up at Zachary who was wearing a banana leaf hat with his mega-headphones and druglord sunglasses, we were in the van and I couldn't stop laughing at the sight. Do you remember that day Pinkie?).

I remember some years ago hearing about laughter being part of people daily routine because it's such a healthy thing for your mind and body. I looked it up this morning to see if I could find anything on YouTube and came up with John Cleese in India. As he says at the end of the segment, "laughter is a force for democracy".....could it be true? Could we laugh our way towards world peace? Oh, put me on THAT peace train, fo sho!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE these pictures and remember you posting at least one of them before dearly!!

I'll be on that train too. One big laugh for me a couple of weeks ago. I had dinner with a woman from the church I'm visiting. She's African American and we were talking about my yoga classes and seeing a Spiritual Director. "You white people are crazy, you'll try anything!!" I told her I felt like I was back at highschool - with joy.

Doug said...

Thank you so much for explaining what the hell that creature was!! I would have shared your mirth if I had been there. Isn't Z just the antidote and the cure?!