not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boston with friends

Yesterday, Leo and I drove to Boston to meet up with our friend Jessemin for a birthday lunch. Jesse is from Western Mass but trots the globe along with the rest of our gypsy kin. We (Leo, Erik and I) met him in Sri Lanka about 10 months ago and had that feeling that we've known this guy for a long long time. He is also the person who told us about Rustic Pathways (the company Erik now works for, and the company Jessemin used to work for). Anyway, so we met him for lunch in Boston. Good times, tribe vibin'.

He told us about all the countries he's visited since our last meeting (8+) and about his plans in Brazil, which he leaves for today. Exciting adventures. We dropped him off in North End Boston and then as the sunset, we drove through the winding bustling streets in search of another friend and his wife. I was falling in love with Boston along the way. Such a funky old city, not too big, so much going on, so many colleges and universities, so much diversity, it's Lovely. We arrived on our friend's doorstep with big smiles. They just welcomed their newborn baby into the world less than a week ago, so we got to meet a very small little precious dude last night. I could have looked at him til the sun came up. They are little miracles, babies. His ears, his little legs and fingers....They told the story of his birth and it was so interesting and wonderful to hear. Our friend is a music major in the throes of papers and deadlines that come with university life so we only hung out for a few hours and then made our way back to Wellfleet. When we stepped out of the car at home, Leo let out a "Woooooooow" at the sky full of stars. Mmmmm. It's so dark and quiet out here that the natural beauty just shines that much brighter.

Today is sunny and beautiful. I'm making chicken soup and the whole house smells yummy like Sustenance and Home. On today's to do list: Order lobsters for next week. Our lobster lady is done for the season, they've taken their traps out already so to the seafood market we go.

Blessings, new life, to sustenance and home, to our gypsy kin, to your unfolding day and the highest good.

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