not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For the first time ever in our marriage, our stuff is under one roof. All of it. Nothing in storage. Strategically placed surfboards and mountain bikes at Papa B's. Snow boots in Michigan. Other than that, it's all here. There are things we haven't set eyes on in over ten years. Florida stuff, Kentucky stuff, Michigan stuff, Texas stuff, DC stuff, Sri Lanka stuff. Aiaiai. It's a mix between Christmas and garage sale in that basement. Almost everyday we go down and do a little sorting. We have a growing pile of "don't want, don't need" for the Wellfleet Swap Shop and as the pile grows, so does my lightness of being.

In the spirit of sorting, purging, simplifying, feeling a little lighter, Uncle Lion decided to shave his mane. That's right, all that pretty hair went in the dustbin. Scissors, then the clippers. I love Leo's long hair, but I equally love his almost bald head. Vavava-voom! He is happy with his new do, although his head gets cold easy in the crisp Cape air :) Several people have suggested we knit his dreads together and make a hat out of his hair....Doug Powers Jr actually put in a request to borrow said hat for Halloween. Should've thought of all this earlier. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it's too late for hairknitting.....'course there's always MY hair :) Would a brunette with blond highlights wig work for your Halloween outfit Doug?

2 days until Papa B and DeeDee arrive on Cape. Looking forward to sharing meals, fun, this place with them~

It's perfect sorting-in-the-basement weather today. Chilly, a little rainy, a lot COZY if you're inside, FRESH if you're out for some exercise. Love days like today.

Love to the tribe. Have a blessed day~


Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture of you and Gram.



Happy Sorting.

Anonymous said...

Me too..great picture. Love MOM