not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, October 01, 2009

cycles of the tribe

Today Leo and I are loading up the little Honda Fit and driving to the Cape. Packed tight, popping at the seams. Don't ask me what it all is. I have no idea how little things can add up to a car-full but we are masters at it...Books, quilts, pictures, clothes, odd and ends from everyone and everywhere. We left the Cape over 3 months ago....

3 months.
September 27th, 3 months since Dad died.
September 25th, 2 months since the burial in South Dakota.
September 7th, 10 years since Leo's mom died.
September 3rd, 90 years since Grandpa was born.

Time infused with meaning by the cycles of the tribe---the only way to know time, I say.

The day after we returned from Nicaragua, we joined Jessica and Eva on a roadtrip to South Dakota to see Dad's gravestone which was finished and placed late last week. Uncle Mark, Gramps, Gram, Eva, Jess, Leo, and I all went to the Tieszen cemetery together. Sat in the grass for a good couple of hours under the sun. Being quiet, telling stories. We just got back to Michigan and off we go again, east this time.

Canada this evening, New York and Mass tomorrow. I look forward to gazing at all the trees in their color changes, being quiet inside, journeying. I also look forward to arriving. To seeing my Mom. To sorting my things. To being in my own home. Giving time in my head and my heart for "what's next" in our lives, giving all faith to the perfect unfolding, and all the while remembering...

I feel so thankful for these past 3 months. Thankful for FAMILY. Thankful for TIME. Thankful for Spirit infusing our moments, unfolding our days with grace, inspiring us with resilience strength courage joy peace LOVE~

Safe travels...The Travelers' Psalm wafts through my mind in my Grandfather's voice: "May the Lord preserve your going out and your coming in, both now and even forevermore. Amen"

Amen, amen, to that and everything else. Blessed be the day~

PS. Happy birthday to Jessica's Doug, love you~

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Blessed be the days.

xo, Em