not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The picture above is from San Juan del Sur but here in Popoyo, the roads are unpaved and have seen many a rainy season. Ruts and holes with a little bit of leveled road in between. The Watts' brothers, Leo, and I have been walking a lot everyday and I realised this morning that my ankles are SORE. I guess we are getting an ankle workout. I am LOVING the night walks especially. The stars, since there're no city lights, are incredible. Last night Leo and I walked without a flashlight on the way back from dinner. Starlight and the sound of our feet on the dirt road. Favorite moments tucked away for another time.

The roosters are singing the new day song and that's about all the activity that is happening under these trees. The cows and dogs have already sought their shade. It's another hot day. Rainy season but the rain hasn't come. In its absence, the dust from the road blows and the heat rises and spreads like a thick blanket. We are taking a break from surfing today. Jason might show us some tai chi moves. I'll get some yoga postures going. Shade is the key word. Wisdom of the cows...

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Anonymous said...

those night walks sound really sweet.

xo, Em