not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

River camping on the Manistee

Jess & Doug took us down the Manistee River over the weekend. Leo and I had Dad's Grumman. I haven't been in it for years and perhaps never without my Dad. Lots of good memories of him and that canoe. It felt great to get it in the water again and have it carry us through beautiful nature.

A bald eagle flew over us on Saturday, and a most graceful river guide, a heron led us around several bends, flying ahead of us, landing and waiting for us, flying ahead again, as if encouraging, as if saying, Come come, it gets even better~

Sisters packing up

Jodi and Jess

Leo, Chad, and Doug

hummus, veggies, jerky, olives, blackbean & corn salsa for lunch


Cath and Powers, the experts

The weather cooperated, barely. It rained on the drive up to Manistee, wasn't looking good for a weekend on the river. As we unloaded the canoes and gear however, it started clearing up. It ended up being a great river day. Towards evening we picked a grassy bank, pulled up our boats and pitched camp. Jess had been marinating flank steak in the cooler all day, lucky us. Steak, fresh green beans and baby potatoes from the farmers market, mmmmm. The night was perfect for stargazing and sitting around the fire. The sound of the river right beside us. Not another person in sight....that's my idea of "a night out". The next day we made our way leisurely down the rest of the river. Back to Grand Rapids by early evening and followed it up with an overnight visit by the the posting below :)

Jess has been talking about wanting to take us river camping for a long time. Thanks sis. It was DIVINE. And an added bonus to share the experience with our friends Chad and Jodi. Precious times...

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This trip looks awesome.

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