not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, July 31, 2009

We are joining Jessica and Doug on a canoe/camping excursion this weekend. Chad and Jodi are coming along. 3 canoes on the Manistee and hopefully on Sunday afternoon, we catch a glimpse of Kyle Campbell and the Bearded who are playing at Dunegrass Music Festival in Empire, MI. Maybe they need a soft bed and warm shower on Sunday before heading back to Tennessee. A girl can dream, caint she?

Today we're going to the Farmers' Market to get some goodies for the weekend. Looking forward to that, to the sustenance with dirt involved, to mounds and bunches and baskets of ripe summer.

Blessings on the day, blessings on the weekend, blessings to all of you where you are~

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John Schultze said...

Been awhile, and it's late at the moment yet I have to say:
Miss you guys, and sorry for your recent loss. I know your strength and it inspires me with some recent trials that could lead down the same road.

By the way, I surfed again recently and actually felt good and right about it (I'm a nub!), and it made me think of you -love from WA