not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blandfords are trippin'

Leo and I roadtrip'd yesterday from the Cape to Michigan. It's normally 14-15 hour drive but we had rain, traffic, a missed turn at Buffalo during rush-hour, fairly lengthy waits at the Canadian border, and last but not least, 2 cars, so both of us drove and both of us got pretty tired by the end so we ended up stopping quite a bit. It was a safe and uneventful trip so for that I'm thankful.

With 1 cell phone between us we resorted to the old school tactics of driving up beside each other, windows down, fingers pointing, yelling, blowing kisses. Leo drove up beside me at one point and yelled, "I'm listening to YOUR iPod on MY radio!" Some of you may be nodding your heads, but I didn't realize that anyone in the vicinity of you, tuning into the radio station you have chosen to listen to your iPod, can also listen to your iPod! and vice-versa. So on busy vacation days on I-90 or any other thoroughfare, you have the radio, plus probably a couple of nearby iPods to choose from. What a world....never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, we are in Michigan. A little stiff and bleary-eyed but nothing that a few naps and a little yoga can't fix.

Listening to my iPod last night, towards the end of the journey, I was singing along to a Patty Griffin tune, and a particular line floated to the surface for me. I replayed it a few times, belting it out at the top of my tired lungs:

and we'll grow kindness in our hearts for all the,
strangers among us
till there are no strangers

Amen Patty. Dad would like that one.....

Blessings to your day everybody.

PS. There is a town called Blandford in Massachusetts, close to the NY border. There's a service plaza off I-90 with the same name and when it coincides with the urge to pee or stretch or get gas, we stop. Otherwise, we wave at the Blandford signs.....ok, I wave.

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Anonymous said...

"O.k. I wave" had me laughing out loud.

Glad you made it back safe.

xo, em