not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

le petit prince

You never know when life is going to come knockin' and the door of your mind opens to a whole new world. 

A few nights ago, I hung Mom's hummingbird feeder on the back deck and if I rewind the tape, that moment would totally be re-played in slow motion with the Olympics theme playing in the background. Trumpets, the whole deal. 

Leo and I were sitting on the back deck two nights ago and I was reading Leo a passage of a book outloud when Leo exclaims, "Uh Sara you MISSED IT!" Slightly annoyed that the brilliance of the words I was reading had not made quite the impact that I was hoping for, I looked up at Leo who was staring at the hummingbird feeder. "You missed it! It was a HUMMINGBIRD! That was SO COOL...they sound like lightsabers..." As brilliant as Marianne Williamson is, she can't compete with a hummingbird! I put my book down and my annoyance changed to admiration for the degree of Leo's excitement about his hummingbird sighting. We watched....

Sure enough, back it came, buzzing by... Zzzzzzow (the last "ow" part is what makes them sound like a lightsaber...and for those of you who don't know, lightsabers are swords made of a column of brightly colored energy made famous in the Star Wars movies).  

We were TRANSFIXED.....You can see him SWALLOWING! Most of the time, he comes and sits on the edge of the feeder while he's drinking. I don't think I've ever seen one at rest before this. I got a few good pictures last night but I have yet to capture my favorite pose where his wings are really SAGGIN', totally relaxed, drinking like a little camel. I can't help but smile/smirk the whole time he sits there. He's no bigger than your thumb and dressed to the 9s, emerald robes and a string of rubies...le petit prince. I know nothing about these little dudes so I look forward to reading up on them.  


Mama Gast said...

So cool!! We were just watching a little hummingbird friend in the backyard here at the Moms' house at dinner tonight!!!

MountainWave said...

the little dudes RULE don't they? i love to watch them. Leo told me today that he got close enough to see his little tongue flick in and out drinking the nectar.

can't wait for you guys to come out. will you help me finish my quilt? binding is the only step left....pretty pretty pleease??

tell Griffin that we heard coyotes today and we saw two seals swimming together. he's gonna have a hayday...