not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's Up with S&L

Star gazing - check

(the sparkly ones in the sky were amazing last night and the famous people ones were kind of sparkly at the beach, Richard Dreyfuss all sweaty and short and normal, leaning against a big wheel of a semi trailer on a break between scenes on the beach, talking to someone, enjoying the conversation so no, I did not take a picture or get an autograph or behave in any other obnoxious way....I just smiled big and sappy and happy.....and Blythe Danner, in her graceful elegance, striding beside me under an umbrella held by someone less famous and yes I smiled at her, she looked at me....I think to make sure I knew she was SHE and I nodded slightly and beamed, as if to say, I see you your famousness, and her eyes passed over me as they headed down the hill to the water. He-heeeeee! So cool. They are just people but they are famous and it gives me a silly little thrill. I hope they are happy and having fun with filming here, such a beautiful place.

Wildlife sightings - check

This early morning I went to the ocean and walked. 4 seal moments....could've been the same individual sticking with me, or a few different ones. Nonetheless, I was blissed out. Even more so than when I saw the people stars. Honest. I just felt so "visited" and "seen" by that/those big heads in the water, checkin' me out :) Hi Mister. I see you (smile) no thoughts, all positive vibe through my whole body and mind. Thanks dude.....See you around....And then I was cooking dinner tonight and as I looked out the window, Mr. Fox....who I actually think is Mrs. Fox, was carrying dinner home to her den....something white and fluffy in her mouth. I'm not gonna judge....we had chicken.

Sewing solo - check

When Jess was here, she helped me with something I've been wanting to do for years....literally, years. Make a quilt. Leo bought me a sewing machine for Christmas about 5 years ago and it briefly saw the light of day last summer when the other Jessica (Germany Jessica) sewed a quilt for Lucy. I myself have never taken it out of its box......UNTIL LAST WEEK. Jess and I went to the fabric store in Orleans. Little place called Murrays. I picked out 3 fabrics that I loved, batting (the middle cottony stuff), and fabric for the back. Jess and I measured, cut, sewed, and ironed our way to a beautiful quilt top. We ran out of the backing material, she left, and my quilt was unfinished. Yesterday, Leo and I went to Orleans and into Murrays I went with my finished quilt top. "I just made my first quilt and....I need more fabric for the back"....."Awwwwwww, it's beauuuuutiful..." blahblahblah, cluck-cluck-cluck. It was like being in Heaven's Hen House. I was all the rage for about 3 minutes with those ladies. I felt like Princess of the world. When we came home I flipped the power switch to my sewing machine and actually remembered HOW TO DO IT without Jessica. I sewed the 2-pieces of backfabric together, pieced the front/cottonymiddle/back together, stitched all three layers together and have it folded up to bring to Michigan for the final step - BINDING - which I've chosen to wait with til I'm with Jess again in a few days.

Apple cake - in process

Leo appreciates "something sweet" after dinner. It doesn't take much. A piece of fruit, with or without yogurt is usually what we have. Once in awhile it's something more dessert-y like ice cream or Chocolate Cake. Tonight I was inspired by Sarah MK's, Apple Cake, had a few apples leftover, and decided to give it a try. It's been in the oven for about 30 minutes and smells yummy. We'll see how it turns out and if it passes the Leo test. Thanks SMK.

Tomorrow is our last day here before Clare Blandford's wedding in Toledo. We leave on Friday morning for the 14-hour drive cross country to join the clan for what promises to be a momentous occasion. It's been awhile since we've spent time with the Blandford family, it'll feel good to be together again. Of course, this weekend will bring back memories of our own wedding weekend. It'll be 6 years....great years. I am thankful.

After the wedding, we'll head up to Grand Rapids to check in for a few days with my dad before heading back out to the Cape.

Blessings to Clare and her family as they prepare for the wedding. Reflection, joy, and peace in these coming days.

PS. Sri Lanka.....I heard from Gayathiry. Sounds like a complicated time. And Patric, he's exhausted,....beyond exhausted, and glad to be doing what he's doing, and a little more detailed insight into all the suffering.....again, it's a complicated time.....Prayers to Gayathiry, Patric, and all the rest of the people living and working and surviving in the present reality of everything Sri Lanka. We love you and we're praying for you.


The Leftoverist said...

Hi Sara! What a fun posting. Did you know I have a serious thing for celebrity sightings? I'm jealous of yours and can identify with your excitement over it. Been reading about Sri Lanka so much in the news and thinking of you/praying for you. Let me know how the cake turns out :)--Sarah MK

chad said...

sewing.....a few weeks ago, i got jodis machine out. havent sewed since freshman year of highschool, but a friend had a hat i liked that his girlfriend had sewed. i figured i could do it. sat down and got it close to right. ive retooled it and made hats for the 3 big kids, and will continue soon with making some of my own pants. everyone asks why....i ask, whynot?

MountainWave said...

That's right brother, WHY NOT? I love picturing you sewing your duds. See you in GR early part of next week.

Bennett and Graves said...

A blog for a quilt place here in So Calif that I love. Quilting is my zen place.
Gayle (your blog stalker, Jason Bennett's mom)