not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, May 03, 2009

photo by Ed Renke

Mine That Bird and his jockey Calvin Borel, 
winners of the Kentucky Derby 
Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY

Underdoghorse wins the race! He wasn't expected to win the Kentucky Derby yesterday. I missed it but I'm reading the newscoverage this morning and I guess his trainer and owners were interviewed about the second leg of the Triple Crown which is on May 16th, Preakness Stakes and they said they'd have to see how the horse is doing....they'd let the horse tell them if he's up for the second leg or not (I love that). Otherwise, they'll wait for the third and final leg at Belmont. I'm not actually a horse racing fan as in watching, knowing things...but there's something about it...nostalgia, romance...maybe I've watched one too many movies, or maybe it's the fact that the Kentucky Derby has been happening for 135 years or that in the United States it is considered the most exciting 2 minutes of sports (that's approximately how long the race lasts). 

And I gotta say, I love the name, Mine That Bird. I hope he's choppin' on whatever it is that horses eat on special occasions. Cheers to Mine That Bird and his jockey, Calvin Borel!!

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Mama Gast said...

Living in KY now, I have a whole new feeling about the Derby. People here cry when they play, "My old Kentucky home." My favorite was when I asked my herb club friends when the frost free planting date was and they said Derby Day.