not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

little visits from the wild

This morning Jess and I went for a run....well, I heard her get up and go out early and I scrambled out of bed, into my running duds, stretched a little, and tried in vain to catch up with her. I came upon someone ELSE on the road though! About 1/4 of the way around the loop, I looked up and saw a beautiful fox trotting along the road towards me. He was still a bit far off and I watched as the space between us got smaller and smaller. Surely he's going to skitter away once he sees me, I thought. Well....he must have been in his own little world, thinking about fox-things, or just enjoying the early morning silence. Just as we were passing each other, (and I am GLOWING with happiness at being in his little perfect presence) he looked up suddenly and flinched with his whole body but then we each continued the way we were going. I BEAMED the rest of the way around that loop. Thankyou, thankyou with each footfall. Spirit of the World. Rightplacetime. Love that. 

It's the 3rd time this week that I've seen the fox. On a different but related note, we bought nailpolish yesterday to do our sistergirly toes. Names of nail polish colors are always interesting to me. If I can't decide between two colors, I often pick the one with the name that speaks to me more....ya know like, Lullaby Lavender vs. Soulsister Silver, I'm gonna go with Soulsister Silver everytime.  So, just now, Jess checked our new bottle of polish, and guess what it's called??!! (I love these serendipitous moments) VIXEN~  Vixen is, among other things, a female fox! 

In other wildlife news, we've seen 2 seals this week on our beach walks. Always exciting. Little visits from the wild. My favorite kind.

That's all from wild Wellfleet for now. 

May your day unfold with a few unexpected blessings, visits, or whatever makes YOU feel ALIVE and "with the Spirit" ~

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Anonymous said...

That fox seems to be watching out for us. He came around the evening we moved in and has showed up in sisterly toenail polish,her babies showed up in a playful chase one early morning in the open area behind the house and many other important things. Let's keep watching this wixen, I think she has messages. Mom