not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rambles on a tuesday

An hour walk on the beach this morning. The wind was howlin'.  Blowing out the old and blowing in FRESHNESS. Felt GREAT. I came back windblown, rosy cheeks, sandy shoes,  and full of roaring sea vibes. 

News on Mister Leo: Infection is going away and is no longer painful. His sling is off, doctor's orders. He was pushed and prodded by an Osteopathic Doc with healing hands and then an Acupuncturist. It's working....all that jazz. He is regaining mobility and strength more each day. He has some exercises that the doctor gave him to do for strengthening which he's doing. We've been taking walks and jogging a bit to keep the Force strong :) On the mend, I would say......The human bodys natural ability to heal itself is in fact!

There's a new BLOG link on our list called in Praise of Leftovers. The author is Sarah MK from Seattle, a good friend of Emily's. She's a great cook and has a passion for all she does...Glad she's sharing her vibe in the blogosphere! 
Happy birthday Tina, blessings on your special day~

Off to play Leo in a game of carom....any bets?

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sara! I'm so honored. I'll bet you have some wonderful ingredients to experiment with where you are...