not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Misty dripping morning

Turns out that my blog followers read for deep meaning, not merely superficial kids stuff. I received a few emails wondering if "Friday is fly day" meant that we were leaving for Sri Lanka, or that we had purchased our tickets to Sri Lanka. Nope. It just meant that I posted pictures of Leo and I catching some air, levitating, FLYING :)

No tickets to Sri Lanka yet. It has turned into a tricky endeavor. Money, planning our future with so many unknowns. I've been on the ticket buying verge twice in the past two weeks and both times I've backed away at the last minute because of questions that arise in my mind about many things, and an ambivalent (normally gung ho) Erik and Leo....together, that's a recipe for waiting a bit longer. None of us have ever had such a problem buying tickets before this. It's weird. Erik senses it's for a reason....I'll go along with that.....for a few more days anyway.

Meanwhile, the snow is melting and it's a balmy 45 degrees this morning. Misty in the air, heavy drops fall from branches and eaves but it's not quite raining. The ground is still white but soon it won't be. Those robins we saw the other day must've known a thing or two and decided to stick around for a little longer.

There's a basement full of sleeping boys this morning. Erik's Lansing posse of old got together last night and ended up here. I think I smelled pizza around 3 am and muffled giggles....or whatever you call that when they're men! They ARE men by the way. Funny what 20 years does to a boy. It's a beautiful thing, friendships that last.

Blessings to Gram and Gramps this morning as moving day fast approaches. Grandkids and aunts and uncles are gathering to pack up the essentials. Wish I was there again. I think if I had magic super powers, a good one might be to be in more than one place at the same time. With our precious people in so many separate far away places, my heart is always tugging a little bit. In place of super powers, I've resorted to the mantra, BE WHERE YOU ARE, whole and complete, and remember through prayer, mindfulness, sweet memory, spirit vibes, those you are not with.

So prayers, mindful sweet memories, and spirit vibes to all of you today, where ever you are.

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