not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sun and Skype

O, the voice of a dear friend is such a tender gift!

I just spoke with Gayathiry in Sri Lanka using SKYPE, which has got to be one of the most wonderful communication inventions. Many of you have probably heard of this, and a few of you probably use it. For the skype-clueless, it's a free downloadable program which allows you to call and speak with people all over the world for FREE over the computer. And if you get a web camera ($35) and the person you are speaking with has a web camera, you can even SEE EACH OTHER while you talk. 

Leo and I are not web-cam owners yet but I'm thinking of getting one after our Christmas experience. Mom and Tina have a web cam, and so do Jessica & Anthony in Germany, as do Christi and Bruce in Kentucky. We spent a little time online/oncamera with Germany and Kentucky on Christmas. What a gift! The second best to actually BEING together. I'm thinking that a webcam would be great to bring along to Sri Lanka. 

Speaking of Sri Lanka, for those of you who dig a little deeper in Int'l News, you'll know that there was a suicide bomb just outside of Colombo yesterday. A dark reminder of the ongoing tragedy which continues to terrorize and claim innocent lives in that country. Some of you may wonder, why the #@!! Erik, Leo, and I are trying so hard to get back there (as soon as we CAN). The truth of the matter is, it is still pretty safe to travel in the south. Precious friends, sunshine, and good waves await us...Serendib beckons~  We're still looking for airline tickets, trusting that the days and times we find to go will be blessed.

The sun is out today! SUN! We haven't seen that golden orb in several days. I might just go and stand outside in a sunny spot, like a cat....eyes closed, paws tucked under. Not sure if passersby will hear "purrrrr" or "burrrrr".....either way, I'll be smilin'

Blessings to you where you are~

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