not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Good Joe

We have a friend, Chad, who is really REALLY into coffee. Before we left on our National Parks road trip this summer, Chad hooked us up with some extremely fresh and good stuff for the road. He called it "the best stuff you've ever far".
Chad and a few other friends of his started a company in 2007 called [evo] coffee, a company which offers a higher than "fair trade" price to the coffee farmers in Guatemala and elsewhere, and whose profits go back to the coffee growers' communities. Chad's been to Guatemala to some of the coffee farms, has made friends with a few farmers down there, has learned a lot about everything to do about the process from growing to roasting to brewing. He goes to coffee tastings the way other people to go wine tastings. Dude knows his Joe and it's really cool to listen to him talk about it, his passion for it shines through.

Well, we enjoyed Chad's coffee early in the morning at various campsites in many of the parks of the northern United States, Good coffee on cold mornings in the mountains is THE far! Here's Leo holding up some of the magic at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.....mmm-mmm-good~

So, a belated THANK YOU to Chad for the goods which lasted us through a good portion of our trip.

For any of you looking for utilitarian Christmas gifts that "give back", you might consider coffee. Check out [evo] coffee. Perfect gift for the socially conscious coffee lovers in your life!!

For those of you in Michigan, keep your eyes out for a new coffee shop soon to open downtown Grand Rapids called MadCap Coffee. They'll be selling [evo] coffee and according to Chad, the MadCap crew have a real good vibe. Wish they were already open. We'd check 'em out when we're in town in a few weeks!

That's all for tonight. Sweet dreams and cheers to your next steamy cup 'a Joe.

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chad said...

dang, now i feel special! thanks for the comments. we cant wait until you show up here! hurry. we love you.