not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prairie to Palm trees

Ahhh, Florida sunshine! I just returned to Florida from 10 days "on the prairie" in Sioux Falls South Dakota with Gram and Gramps. It was a really meaningful time, lots of storytelling about days of old. Spending 10 days of non-holiday time with them was such a just BE together, doing normal life. Yesterday, we woke up to a white blanketed cozy scene outside. No wind so every branch of every tree was perfectly piled with everything was dipped in marshmallow. So beautiful~

I flew out yesterday afternoon, arriving in Orlando last night around 8:30. From snow and 32 degrees to palm trees and 55. Air travel is a little bit of a miracle.....

I'm staying with Alexis today (how lucky am I to hang out with her 3 times in the past month!!), and tomorrow I fly to Lexington to meet up with Leo and the U-haul trailer. We'll spend the night in KY and the next day drive to New York to meet Erik & his buddy Dan. Wednesday Leo, Erik, and I will drive from New York to Boston where we'll pick up Alexis at the airport, and all 4 of us will continue on to the Cape! Sound a little nuts? Mm-hmm, that's how we roll. I'm excited, it'll be fun.

It's a beautiful day in Tampa today. Alexis and I just took the dog for a long walk under a clear blue sky. Back in flipflops and shortsleeved shirts....for another 24 hours anyway.

Enjoy this precious day, where ever you are~

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