not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The kitchen is a flurry of activity, and sweet and savory aromas fill the air. Precious ones are gathered here in Cape Cod Massachussetts from far reaching corners of the country, of the world. The tribe vibe is strong and good and hearts are happy.

In my mind, I send the arms of my heart outstretched to the rest of you, doing today in your own place, in your own way and we are connected by spirit and I hug you tight there in Michigan and Florida and Iowa and Texas and California and Kentucky and Sri Lanka and Norway and Germany~ Dear ones in all directions, blessings abound~

And as we gather around the table, we give thanks for the blessings tucked around every corner, conspiring in our favor at each and every moment, (whether or not we notice). For the Knowing which is ours to draw close, that there IS enough to go around, enough money enough food enough opportunity enough love....look and you will find, for the Spirit provides.

In the words of Rabbi Rami Shapiro,
We give thanks to the Power that makes for Meeting,
for our table has been a place of dialogue and friendship.
We give thanks to Life.
May we never lose touch with the simple joy and wonder
of sharing a meal.

Amen to that~

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