not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MountainWave USA Adventure Tour begins!

We are pushing off to continue our 'round the country tour this morning from Grand Rapids Michigan, from the house of my sister Jessica and her man Doug after an awesome family time with my mom and Tina, Christi & Bruce and their kids, with Fran, with my dad and Eva, with good friends Chad and Jodi, and Jess & Doug.

Lots has happened since the last time I blogged. The biggest thing is that we bought a house on the Cape!! 

Update on our adventures to date: Right after my birthday, Leo and I drove up to Maine from Cape Cod with good friends Joyce and Georgia. Georgia's from Maine and we got to hang out with her family for a few days. Her mom is an artist and lives in this funky awesome house which began years ago as Georgia's father's art studio. Exposed wood beams and brick, skylights, the story of the family is told on the walls through loads of amazing portraits and family scenes painted by Georgia's father and mother. Lobster bake, swimming in little ocean coves, breathtakingly beautiful walks, wild blueberry pickin' in the woods, skinnydippin' in a beautiful water hole secluded by old growth forest, mmm mm m!

Leo and I continued north along the Maine coast and camped and explored the little alpine peninsulas. We drove across to New Hampshire and enjoyed a night of camping in the White Mountains which was beautiful. Came back to Cape Cod and on August 5th, closed on the house with Mom and Tina. All 4 of us drove back to Michigan. Leo and I stopped at Niagara Falls and spent the night. Falls were pretty at night.

Back in Michigan we spent some time with my family and packed/organised our car for the big USA tour. We have maps and books and a GPS and all the gear we'd ever need.

The MountainWave USA Adventure Tour begins!! We hope to keep you updated with pictures, video, and stories. We'll visit some of our country's most beautiful natural places from the shores of the Great Lakes of Michigan to the Rocky Mountains to Seattle to California to the red rock formations of Utah and Arizona and more....

Stay tuned for more.

Good vibes to everyone today,
Sara & Leo

PS. A BIG BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GAYATHIRY who turned a year older and wiser and more beautiful than ever on August 4th in Sri Lanka. Love you sister!!

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