not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


magical birthday. leo and i woke up early and walked to the beach from the house, about 2 1/2 miles. it was a misty morning here. put our toes in the ocean, sat on the beach for awhile and headed back. it is a gorgeous walk no matter the weather but with the air cool and everything draped in wisps of fog, it was surreal. we saw a large hawk perched in a tree above us as we walked along the road. we stopped and watched him for a bit....i found a feather which i took along as a gift ( ~ thank you ~ ). later in the day, leo surprised me with a little birthday candle/present/card time. if you can see my cat's eye necklace pendant in the picture above, that's what he gave me along with a really cool bracelet that matches it. he bought it in Sri Lanka before we left, unbeknownst to me :) i love both, he did an awesome job picking them out. 
tonight was the whale watch and we had a blast. lots of whales, a thunder/lightning/rainstorm, and more whales! the naturalist was a really cool guy who lives not far from here so, he gave us his number and perhaps we'll meet for a drink some time in the future. 
we've been trying to upload a video we took at the end of the whale watch which was really amazing but it'll have to wait. can't get it to work tonight. 

thank you for the phone calls and text-messages (even from Sri Lanka!) today and tonight. i'm in an area where my cell phone doesn't work too good but i received many of your messages and felt extra tribe-vibe today, so....thanks for that. i'm sending my blissed out energy right back into the breezes. 

blessings be yours,

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