not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tomorrow I fly to India for a week-long conference which is an awesome opportunity but the timing is terrible....tooooo close to my end of mission. Anyway, it's not optional so I will try to enjoy the experience as the blessing it is and not think about all the things I need to be taking care of in Sri Lanka. Leo will be taking care of shop biz and wrapping somethings up down south.
The days in Colombo are starting to involve "last dinner" or "last drinks" with friends, last meetings at work, etc. Today we'll be on the town, picking up a few last goodies from our favorite shops as well as roller suitcases for the flight home. It's a sunny pretty day. I might take a quick swim at the gym pool before the responsibilities of the day begin. Calm my belly down a bit. It's starting to be in knots with all these deadlines and planning....Ooooohm~

Last night we had a celebratory beer with Lynn for her birthday. Played a few games of pool on the way home at Rhythm and Blues. I think we haven't been there since Erik was here!

Tonight we have dinner with some friends from my office. One of the women traveled around Europe, Middle East, Africa, South and Central America in an old Toyota Landcruiser so Leo and I requested a "travelogue" of her experience as inspiration of our upcoming Rollin Wanderin MountainWave Freedom Ride. We hear our friend is an amazing cook....should be a fun and yummy night.

We watched Micheal Moore's movie SiCKO last night. It was good. An interesting connection between that movie and the book I'm reading now (which is called Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder) is the fact that Cuba has an excellent health-care system. Who knew? For the record, in my opinion, American foreign policy is !@($^# when it comes to Cuba.

Anyway, back to the movie...I highly recommend it for any and all who live in the United States of America, citizens and non.

Salut, we're outta hea--dawgs have lots to do today. Have a blessed weekend.

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