not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, May 19, 2008

Indonesia and Sri Lanka, inseparable girl-gang: Anne, Gayathiry, Lena, Sara, Annisa

Gaya holding the Taj

India was a great week in many ways. Professionally, Gayathiry and I met with key people to discuss issues important in our work. The conference was an interesting and meaningful exchange of ideas between people from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Kuwait, and Indonesia. Personally, I got my fill of girl time. Gayathiry and I hooked up with the Indonesia girls and we were inseparable for the duration of the week. Eating, laughing, listening to music, late night girl talk. By the end of the week, we were exhausted and filled up with good vibes. So much that it was kind of sad to part. Especially for me since I may not see some of those folks again, at least not in the same capacity. As Gayathiry and I flew back over Sri Lanka, the sunkissed palm trees waving to us from below, we both sighed and smiled to each other. It always feels good to come home. 

Leo and I have started packing...well, organising...actually to be honest, there's stuff laying out everywhere and we have that "where should we start???" feeling. Packers are coming Wednesday so we have lots to sort through before then. It's a little overwhelming but we'll get there.

Tonight it's dinner at Gaya's house. I'm excited to eat Mom's food, hang out with the girls, and introduce Leo to the family (he's met mom already but not Gaya's sister).


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