not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday night

Well, I didn't make it to the beach this weekend. I had a quiet weekend in our nest at home instead. I got some work done and lots of sleeping and reading too. Tending to the body, mind, and spirit. Looking forward to seeing Leo who's coming home late tonight.

Christi and Bruce's daughter, Lucy, is a couple of days old now. I have been thinking so much of them and how they're all doing. I just saw a picture on their blog. Lucy's got a bunch of curly black hair and she was 8lbs 11ozs when she was born. Healthy baby, happy family. Blessing abound. Griffin is going to make a great big brother.

The sunset was magical tonight, like it is every night. Silouetted by palm trees and mango trees, serenaded by strange and lovely birdsongs unique to this hot place. The call to prayer rising as colors spread through the sky. And then it's night. Lighting candles, I am so mindful of how much I love our apartment, the view, the birds, the sunsets, the rainstorms, the haven of it, lifting us just above the craziness but still close enough to watch it all go by.

Prayers for a peaceful and good week ahead for all of us.

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