not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, March 06, 2008

maha shivarathri

Today is a Hindu holiday, Maha Shivaratri or Night of Shiva. Many Hindus have fasted all day and will hold vigil all night at the temple. For me, it was a blessed day off and great timing because a friend from USA, Mary Thorne, flew into Colombo this morning. Big Daddy and I went to the airport early on clear holiday roads and picked her up. We had a great day of eating, relaxing, toes and hands, story-swapping. As those of you who've made this trip (or similar trips) know, it is extremely challenging to stay vertical and "with it" after the sun sets on that first day. Mary did great. She lasted until about 9pm (without a nap!). I work tomorrow but she'll come along for part of the day. Mary is my former boss so it'll be interesting for her to scope out my work-digs tomorrow, and satisfying for me to show her around.

I spoke with Leo tonight and it was a great day in the south. Fun waves, a bit of nose-ridin', some business at the shop, and a little party tonight with some friends. Lookin' forward to join him tomorrow after work for the weekend. Some friends from my office have caught the southern bug so have decided to join us this weekend as well. Big Daddy's van will be packed to the gills tomorrow night.

Work this week was good. Gayathiry and I took a trip on Wednesday to Ratnapura. It was nice to get out of the main office and chat a bit with our colleagues who live and work outside of the big city. We learned quite a bit of interesting information, planned a training which we will return to conduct in a few weeks, and not-at-all-work-related but so cool, I SAW AN AMAZING BIRD!! I stepped outside of the branch office into the back garden and while I was walking, something white caught my eye. I looked up and there in the tree above me was an Asian Paradise Fly-catcher! Such a beautiful being. Silent elegance. Statuesque. What a gift. I was mesmerized, speaking "thank you" with my eyes, holding the moment in my lungs. Moments like that, nothing else exists. Mom says it's God's way of telling you you're in the right place...I like that~

Blessings to Christi who is mega-mama-pregnant with Miss Lucy these days and who just celebrated a birthday of her very own. And, happy birthday to Silvana who I'm sure samba'd her way into another wonderful year of joyful living in Brasil. Sending our love and kisses to both of you beautiful ladies.

Good night of Shiva to all of you Hindus, and for all you other good folk, sweet sweet dreams.

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