not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today was a holiday in Sri Lanka. I drank my coffee this morning to the sound of firecrackers galore. I have to admit, given the current context, I tend to hold my breath for a moment longer than normal, listening extra carefully to the particular nuances of the detonating bottle rockets...firecrackers?.....yeeeeeeeah......i think.....yup, just firecrackers.

Don't ask me what holiday it was...I just know that I had a very quiet day at work. All of the national staff had the day off and the rest of us worked. Blissful peaceful quiet. I loved it. It was a beautiful day here today. Not a cloud in the sky, the humidity was a little lower than it has been. I drove home for lunch and there were two cows taking their sweet time walking down the middle of the road. It's like they were saying....slow dowwwwwn, enjoy the pretty dayyyyy. Made me smile. The goodness and quietness of my day was mixed up with thoughts of colleagues and the many families living and working in places much less quiet, much less safe than here in Colombo~

bus horns blaring over the noise of almost everything
i look up
the sky is the only quiet thing

peaceful floating moment

snagged suddenly
on the fact that not so far away
this sky is loud with war

Gonna leave the Leo peace prayer picture up for awhile I think. Good juju...

May we all have a silent night~

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