not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Dawgs got a serious case of Sri Lanka ITIS. Nothin' works, can'nobody driiiiive, kissy face noises from the dudes on the street make me wanna hurt somebody, and some majorly annoying person behind me is honking his horn like he's got somewhere to be. Not likely because every meeting or appointment runs 30 minutes behind schedule, at least. I sit in the car on the way to work, listening to Christmas carols on my iPod, singing, trying really hard to be in love with the moment, with this stinky street, with that mangy dog, with the cow walking directly in front of my car...I even make an effort to feel some love for the honking brother in the car behind me who is now wedging his way into the non-space between my car and the cow and the dog with mange, still honking his horn...I turn up my Joy to the World and take a deep breath.

If I were home I'd pick my mom up from work and have lunch with her today, Christmas shop with Jess, make snow angels with Dad, take a walk on Old Mission Point in Traverse City with Kodie and Em. I'd want to wake up really early tomorrow and have coffee with Papa Blandford sitting on the porch, coffee steaming, the dogs underfoot, silent frosty misty dawn, and on and on with more imaginary moments with precious ones...plans for the future.

The ITIS. My friend and colleague Lynn said she gets it too, every so often. Island-itis.
I'm sure it'll pass momentarily. This is a good place to be....but at the moment we're feelin' nuts.
Missing you guys somethin' awful lately.

Hugs and peace and love,
Sara & Leo


Kat said...

sounds familiar, but just give it a little while and you'll see a stunning sunset, an elephant in a truck, a stranger passing their newspaper to another stranger on the bus and you'll be back in love with the place again. although i'm pretty sure you already know that. our christmas pudding this evening was set alight after a dowsing of sri lankan old arrack, bringing a bit of 'home', 'home'! big love and hugs xox

Doug said...

I feel your angst. When I spent the summer in Guatamala a few years ago I felt little tremors of anxiety off and on which only reinforces the fact that I was alive and feeling and after the wave of senses and emotions receded I was giving thanks because I knew I could handle anything and I appreciated everything!