not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, August 12, 2007

sunday night

Our blog layout was getting kind of screwed up so I changed it but in the process I lost our background coconut tree picture. Bummer dude. Perhaps I'll have the patience to sit and figure it out another time. For now, I'm over it.

This morning we finished Chapter 18 of Harry Potter. Taking it nice and slow~
I met Kelly and baby Naia at the pool earlier this afternoon for a little sun and girl-time. Naia is almost 7 months old and loves the water. She can go under for a few seconds, she loves to kick her little legs, and she holds her arms straight back with a super-grin on her face. She giggled at me a few times today, joyful spirit, smiling and giggling just because the energy is good. Mmmm. Love that.

This evening Leo is on an English Premier League marathon. I'm about to bake a bit of garlic to have with our pasta dinner and wiggle myself under one of Leo's arms on the couch.

Have a blessed day.

Dawgs out,

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MaMa Gast said...

What's an English Premier Leaque?