not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, August 10, 2007

little a this, little a that

Loggin the mileage in the company car and Big Daddy's house through the windsheild

So, tomorrow is the first big training of the year for my work project. I'm going to bed soon so as to be rested up in case anything goes wrong and I need to be....ya know, emotionally stable. Gayathiry's ready which is the most important thing because she'll be leading tomorrow. I am confident in her ability to sail us smoothly through the day. That's a good feeling the night before a training. Still I whisper a little prayer for "clear skies".

I was reading about the 2008 Presidential candidates tonight and I won't write too much because I need to sleep but, suffice it to say that Obama is not impressing me lately and I like the idea of Hillary, the gender and brain and leadership and experience of Hillary but I don't like some of the reality of her, and the only candidate with whom I agree totally is Dennis Kucinich. He recently jokingly referred to himself as the Seabiscuit of the 2008 Presidential Race in reference to being (the unlikely) winner. My mind is open. I continue to read about all 18 candidates, Reps and Dems, it's important to know, and I ponder.

I want to vote for Obama. I want him to be what he was promising, A CHANGE, A PEACEMAKER, someone I could really follow with conviction. I can't say that at the moment, and that bums me out. But, maybe he's just "off kilter" and will swing back into it. Meanwhile, I send my thanks out there to Dennis for being real and say, I agree with everything I've heard him say.

Trust in the perfect unfolding, I wrote a few days back...yes, quite.
Who do we need in the Presidential seat for the nation? Who do we need in the Presidential seat at this time in the history of the world, the muck'd up world...?

Ah look at the time.

Good night good people.
Have a peaceful day.


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