not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunday rambling

Happy anniversary to my brother Matthew & his beautiful and brilliant wife Diana. Is it...11 years? They are foster parents and school teachers and the Dawgs have a lot of respect for who they are and how they share their love and resources in this life. And a belated FIRST anniversary to my cousin Rebecca & her Frodo (but cuter) look-a-like husband Scott!! Time flies when you're in love. Peace and good vibes to all four of you~

It's a steamy sticky day in Colombo, heavy clouds are hanging full and dark in the corners of the sky. Crow-caws and tuktuk horns and heavy diesel engine sounds hang in the air with no particular place to go, the days cacophony.

This morning we finished chapter 6 of Harry Potter, taking turns reading it, one to another. I do better sticking with the story when I'm reading. Leo is convinced I have ADD. I won't argue. It might just run in my family :) Anyway, the book is proving to be as suspenseful as the ones before it. Something about it brings out the 7 year old in both of us, KEEP READING, Pleeeeease. Na-uh, YOU read.

We need to go shopping. Out of q-tips and carrots...Very important items in the Dawghaus. Perhaps we need other things as well. Leo just tweaked something in his back and is in that awful state of "ahhhh" at the moment. He's hanging his arms on doorways and railings trying to stretch. Back tweaks are the worst....

I forgot to mention in previous blogs a few things about my birthday:
Leo gave me a really beautiful ring and necklace. Very simple lines, fat oval, alexandrite cats eye (blue,bluegreen,grey stone) with white gold (looks silver) settings. Very classy and simple. I love them both. He picked the stones and the settings himself. Brotha's got TASTE!
AND, he was able to find HARRY POTTER and the Deathly Hallows. I spent a good several moments looking from the book to Leo repeating "NO WAY---no WAY!!" because we were sure they'd be sold out for weeks.
The other thing I forgot to mention about my birthday is that Rohani baked me a heart shaped birthday cake that tasted like shortbread and melted in our mouths. She and Big Daddy also went in together on red roses in a clay pot. She topped it all off with a handmade card which I ain'never throwing away :) These efforts are all the sweeter because Rohani is a tough-love no-nonsense kind of woman. I've given her a few hugs this week. She smirks and asks "Why?" ....because you're an angel in our path that's why! I just tell her that she's the best....

At work this week I experienced a disappointment which had me feelin' a little hopeless and irritated and less tolerant than normal. Times like those are when cows walking in the middle of rush hour traffic, people wandering into the street without watching for cars, and people honking their horns incessantly behind me for no good reason leave me teetering on loosing my cool. I'm happy to say, I didn't hit a cow or run over anyone or let loose on anyone for honking. Instead, by Friday I had a few extra bags under my eyes, a few more spots on my face, and the most common statement people made to me from my colleagues was, "You look tired".....(I don't really care for that statement...I am making a mental note to not use it on others. It's impossible to reply to meaningfully and makes me feel like I look like crap, actually I think it's code for "you look like crap").

Several times throughout the week I imagined a cool forest to walk through, to loose myself in, missing the peace of the nature of home. Toes walking across river rocks feeling the rush of cold water like new life. Sitting somewhere with ferns and moss and fresh cool air.

I've been revisiting the image of the heartshaped birthday cake, fingering my new ring, and on Friday night about 2 hours after the last and upteenth colleague told me I looked tired, Leo and I were out to dinner and he told me I looked beautiful. I asked, I don't look tired? He said, no, you look beautiful. I love my husband for so many reasons that have nothing to do with how he loves me, but I also appreciate so much the way he loves me. I was feelin' thankful for him in that moment, extra thankful.

That together with a little extra sleep this weekend, and spending yesterday evening with our friend Lynn, brought me up outta my funk and I'm ready for another week.

Off to forge for q-tips and carrots.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.

Peace and love to you all~

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