not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


An update from Colombo: Leo is feeling much better. I believe he had a mild case of dengue fever because he had similar symptoms as I did in March. Several days with fever, serious headache, achey, etc. It took the zip out of him, that's for sure. He's just now getting back to normal. It's been a week. Brotha won't go to the doctor's office to confirm so what can a sister do but keep a pretty eye on her baby and make sure he's got what he needs. Rohani gives me updates. I think she was rather nervous for him last week. Sweet sweet Rohani.

I guess she gives Leo updates on me too. Yesterday morning, Leo was sleeping and I was doing my best to eat breakfast and leave for work but kept having to run for the LOO. When Leo woke up later and came into the kitchen to get his coffee, he was greeted with, "Morning sir....madame has diarreah."

Heee heee heee haaa haaaa. Ahhhhh. That makes me laugh.

Sri Lankan people have a very open relationship with the physical realm. I love it. There is something in me that's more Sri Lankan than American when it comes to this. did Rohani know that I had the runs? I told her. We talked about it. "Bade yaneva" I said the last time I dashed for the toilet, which means "Belly Going" meaning "got the runs!" I was planning on going out for lunch with colleagues at a Chinese restaurant and she said very sternly, "Madame, be careful for the lunchtime. No oily. Can worse the stomach."

What else in the physical realm. Leo and I have just started watching another TV series on DVD called SCRUBS. I am addicted. As many of you know, I wanted to be a doctor for a long time and this show is a comedy about medical interns in their first hospital experience. We laugh so hard. A good dose of American-ism in the evening.

I don't speak so much on the blog about what's really going on here. It's a sad state of affairs. It's been a difficult few weeks. Dig deep into BBC or CNN and read a little about what's going on on this little island. State of affairs is tragic and getting worse. Our safety is not in question. But that's not the point. There've been colleagues murdered, the headlines and testimonies of individuals affected by the goings-on are un-fucking-believable. Prayers for respect of the individual, respect for the family, kindness, reaching out with love and concern, brotherhood/sisterhood despite ethnic differences, and for general peace are much appreciated in this thick sad air.

Counting the blessings of friends and pretty painted toes, superhero colleagues and a healthy husband and sweet Rohani and good neighbors. Thankful that most of the time, the electricity, plumbing, a/c, fans, TV function. I'm thankful for the music we have access to over the internet, the collection we have, how sweet it is to sing and sway to jammin tunes including our friends Brian, Jennifer, and The Bearded. To companionship, news from home, moments of connection with those whom I share my days.

That's all I can think of at this little moment. I hope you are well. Enjoy this sweet summer day.

Love and Peace, Sara & Leo


em said...

hi beautiful. good to see your face.

Chaz said...

Hey kids. Noticed the Carolina Chocolate Drops banner - we're headed down to Floyd next month for the FloydFest to see them and bunch of other bands. Good times, wish you could go with us!!