not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, June 08, 2007

Humanity twirls dizzy to unheard music
Dancing ordinary moments into miracles
Drunk on the magic of awe
Contagious glee
The world is full of mystery and magic

And in a moment, an unnoticed moment, something shifts
Warm bliss crumbles dry
Something like a sandy storm ensues
Stinging the eyes burning the skin, we tighten in response
A cold raging wind screams

With eyes and hearts shut tight our spirits float and seek the empty space where just a moment ago we all danced together to the joy groove. The space is there but it is empty.

We choose to wait it out, believing and forgiving and hoping and knowing that this storm shall pass. We sit on a cold gritty floor holding up the walls unsure with backbones and sputtering firefly faith. We save a spot for Goodness, we imagine the music...
Could we remember enough to recreate the awe of twirl, who can Hum the music of bliss?
Give me your hand, I think I know the first few steps, oh yeah, spinnnn, hahaaa, that.....

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