not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, May 31, 2007

evening POYA

It's POYA, full moon, Buddhist holy day, and Jessica Amor's birthday

Beautiful the evening
The sky is clear and the air light, not heavy.
Like home in early summer.
The sun is low and the trees look golden and majestic and stretching.

The gold hue outside sends me to an evening on the other side of the world, driving between cities in mid-Michigan. Michigan oak trees sprouting spring green. And the fields catch the gold of an evening sun, I see deer on the edge of that field there.

A loud rattling tuk-tuk below our window brings me back.
The sun is lower now. Crows flying black. I don't yet see the bats.

Call to prayer just began outside. The song on the laptop in the office where I sit is acapella early church sounding music, Kyrie. The voices mix over each other, a spirit filled juxtaposition.

Evening beckons to shy stars.

We the earth are quieting for your glimmering show
I think I see them coming...

I whisper thanks for Jessica. I wish her a good year, as a new mother, as a talented and beautiful woman artist spirit, as a friend and mentor to many young people, as a wife and daughter and fellow sojourner.

I think I'll go and watch the news with Leo. A lot of bad news on these days. Perhaps we'll watch a movie.

Before bed I think I'll check to make sure that the Big Dipper is still there, above our porch.
You are under the same crazy sky....I like to think about that.

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