not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Quiet morning. A few salutations to the sun, a little meditation/reading, drank some coffee, feasted upon iron-enriched CORN FLAKES (licensed in Battle Creek MI, made in India, bought in's a smallllll smallll worrrrrld), wrote a few cards.

I went with Leo to the gym this afternoon (finnnnnnally!!). The gym is in an old renovated house. Upstairs and downstairs, different rooms for different focus areas (upper body room, lower body room, cardio room, etc). I started on the treadmill. IT FELT SO GOOD TO WALK (even if it was in one place and inside....NOT my walk of choice but I have a great imagination and trust me when I say the forest was beautiful)!! I also gave my abs, legs, and arms a gentle wake up call. Thinking about Gramps who just started physical therapy this past week and will STRENGTHEN his way through the month of April. So....I'm joining the strengthening team too Gramps.

Tonight finds us Dawgs watching English Premier League Football, eating Chinese take-out, and I'm boiling garbanzo beans for hummus for tomorrow. We're trying to figure out which church we might visit tomorrow morning. We know where a few of them are but don't know the service times. We have an Easter meal with friends at 2 and I'll probably spend a little time at work.

Sending healing vibes to Ricky who just had knee surgery. You're in our thoughts. And Elena who is flying to West Africa tomorrow. Safe and wonderous journey sister.

So, I have more baby pictures for you. This has been quite the season. So many precious little souls have joined the tribe. I just peeked in at my new niece's online photo-album and there are lots of pictures! At 3 months old, she's already beginning to look like her mom and interesting. So, ladies and fairies and gents and butterflies, I present to you, Alethia Ann Simone Amor, born January 1, 2007 and congrats to Jessica and Anthony:

That's it from the Dawgs. Love ya and g'night.

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