not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

rambling little news

an update from steamy colombo...

it's HOT. i had sweat rings before i even left the house this morning, in a sleeveless top! it's starting to be fungus weather. awwwwwesome.

i joined leo in hikkaduwa this past weekend. it was a last minute decision, big daddy and i vanned it on friday after i got out of work. saturday and sunday were HOT.

Nights mornings days whatever, they're all hot and humid. As a result, everything and everyone moves even more slowly. Natures way of making sure nobody overheats from overexertion. We napped a lot AND went to bed early, and woke up early, sweating sweating sweating. The sea is where to be these days. I didn't get on my board cuz the surf was big and unforgiving. Leo went out a few times but it was frustrating even for him. Nothing that a little fetch session with the doggies won't cure.

sunday I came back. I went to sleep around 10:30 or so. Making sure I got good rest in preparation for my busy week. Around 2am our neighbor's music began to blare and continued until around 4:30am. No sleep for this bean. I went to his door in a RAGE 4 times banging, ringing the doorbell, etc. Nothing. At 4:30 the security guard turned off the guy's electricity. Sweet. Peaceful silence. At 4:45 the US Embassy sent an SMS to my mobile phone that the military airbase at the int'l airport was bombed. Good morning Colombo.....

yesterday (monday) i was in a rather.....shall we say SOUR mood. work was fine all things considered. when i got home i confronted my neighbor who responded in an unapologetic way....certain terms of anti-endearment come to mind but I'm working on cleaning up my language so suffice it to say, I was not impressed with the encounter. He did give me a bit of good news though, he's leaving the country soon. I think what makes me the most angry about the whole thing is that he's also a foreigner. He works for an organization which I won't mention but is well respected. We are GUESTS in this country. Not only should we be on good behavior, we should be on our BEST behavior. God knows this place doesn't need any OUTSIDE crap to add to the mix. We're here to help improve things....I wish my neighbor understood that if nothing else.

today was a good day. worked hard and long and got a lot of things done. Stopped at the grocery store in the evening. the guy at the grocery store carried my bags out to the car. A normal act. I gave him a tip and a quick smile while in my mind I gave him a heartfelt hug and a THANK YOU MISTER. when i got the bags unpacked at home, i showered the day's grime off (a visible run-off in this dusty hot sticky season). A frosty beer and a bowl of rice with mushrooms and pumpkin curry later, I reckon it's about time for bed.

hope you are well where you are.


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Doug said...

When it gets sticky and stuffy and yicky and yucky here, and it will, I'll remember that you've been there! It's starting to heat up and all my babies (trees/bushes) are waking up from their wintery pause. Glory to behold...papa