not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, February 18, 2007

ama's magic green juice

a green bean went south to see about changing her color.

she arrived and promptly climbed into a sweet hole and slept.

when she woke up, ama doctor-mother held up a glass of green juice. drink up lil bean, she said, my magic green juice will change your color in just three days.

the bean drank the magic green juice twice for three days, got lots of sleep, and a few hours of seaspray and sunshine, drank lots of water and smiled lots of smiles.

the bean returned north, happily ever after and not at all green.

leo and i went south, me to rest leo to surf. it was a good weekend for resting. lots of sleeping, eating curry cooked by ama, drinking tons of water, and chilling out in the shade with leo and the other mates from all 'round the good world. i look and feel much better than i did on thursday and i'll return to work tomorrow. i have a strong resolve to stay fit. i've had a few too many "spells" in the past few months. gotta eat more greens, take my multi, and get myself into a regular fitness schedule to get and stay strong!

it was not so much a good weekend for surfing. the waves were small, rare, and densely populated, two big reasons for less-than-fun sessions. leo decided to my great pleasure to join me in colombo for a few days before returning to hikkaduwa. he'll go back on wednesday and i'll join in on friday evening.

our camera batteries are low at the moment but we'll post pics from the weekend soon.

hello and 'we love you' to all of you out there, in those cold and not so cold places.

peace and hugs,
sara & leo

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