not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

o funky day

bad morning by langston hughes

here i sit
with my shoes mismated
Lawdy mercy!
i's frustrated!

I had a funky day today....and a little bit yesterday too. Is it a full moon thing? Am I feeling a bit "almost full moon"-ish? Must be. I had a nighmare last night that lasted forever and all night, leaving me emotionally exhausted. I crept quietly wearily through the work day. I left a bit early. I grant myself a pardon because I've worked late the past few nights. The evening stretches huge before me and feels luxurious like the bathtub I don't have....that's ok, tonight I'll take the big wide empty hours. My sleepiness unfurls and my mood mellows. I turn on some good grooves, play a bit on my little wooden flutes, read some poetry, ate my leftover yummy spicy curry lunch, and now I'm happier, full, still dirty and ready for a shower and my bedtime story. It's deliciously early, 7:24pm and my grumpy weird almost full moon mood doesn't affect my innocent Love cuz I'm stretching my strangeness in solitude. Tomorrow is POYA, full moon and I look forward to a quiet morning, work day, and evening. Local staff get the day off, no schools in session, less traffic, easier driving, and I plan to do a bit of shopping for a friend over lunch if I have the nads to drive myself across town.

I wish sweet dreams for myself and absolutely all of you good people. May we all rest easy and wake easy and rested.


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