not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Wheeeew...what a ride. We just got home from Paris via Dubai. Our heads are still spinning. We feel a little torn, mostly because we have arrived without our luggage for the third time. As bad as that sounds it has actually worked out fantastically, but the third time is the charm. I guess within the next three days we will know how our trip went...supposedly if our luggage does not arrive on the third day we submit a formal complaint with Emirate Airlines about our missing belongings. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
To recap the last several days. Leaving home was eventful with delayed flights, missed connections, our luggage always about 1 day behind us. Paris was rainy, windy, cold but oh la la so beautiful and tantilizing. Leo bought a few pieces of clothing on the Champs Elysees (I think I'm spelling that right) since he had no extra clothes along. Mon cheri amor was stylin' and much warmer after those few purchases. We trotted through the rain to the Picasso museum, the Museum of Modern Art, had a beer 1/2 way up the Eiffel Tower, strolled along the Champs Elysees under the lights at night. All in all a very nice little time. O-la-la, we almost forgot to mention the place we stayed....Hotel St. Merry in Marais. Such a cool place. It's the old presbytery of the church of St. Merry which is still in use and connected by the north wall of the hotel. There are 11 rooms, all with old wooden beamed ceilings, big beveled windows that opened onto a walking lane, and wrought-iron candelabra. The church and the rooms of the hotel date way back. Thanks to Leo for that one. He's good at picking unique places. The time in Paris was short. We had planned to meet up with a friend there but the time got away from us.
The flight from Paris to Dubai was great. We had exit row seats, lots of leg room. The crying roaming toddler/exhausted negligent mother duo didn't phase us since we had lots of good movies to choose from on our personal little movie screens. We watched "Peaceful Warrior" with Nick Nolte, based on the book by Dan Millman. Enjoyed the movie as much as we did the book. Very good. The flight from Dubai to Colombo was fine. Although towards the end, Sara had to use the infamous bag a few times. Luckily none of the other passengers noticed so the domino effect did not ensue.
Our luggage, as aforementioned, did not arrive in Colombo with us so we filed a claim and went on our merry sleepy way in a normal sized cab to our steamy little nest downtown Colombo.
It was good to be "home", good to STOP, good to know that we'll be in one place for awhile, but also a little blue about leaving all our friends and family back in the States.
Leo slept for about 15 hours straight. Sweet. Sara on and off. Sara has Monday off from work which is great because she is sporting a wee fever today and not feeling her spry self. Out the window, Colombo looks good and familiar. We haven't seen Big Daddy yet, though we heard the familiar sounds of his voice this morning. Easing into it. For now, it's enough to have the windows open and look out over the rooftops, resting reading watching DVDs playing video games and vegging out as much as possible before Tuesday roles around.
Dawgies are back in Lanka Land.
As our 3 yr old nephew Grifffin is fond of saying, "See ya later al-gator, after while crock-dial"


PS. Putting it out there that our luggage arrives safely intact today or soon. Let it be, let it beeeee.

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em said...

so good to read you guys again...hear about your return to sri sri lanka.

paris sounds divine....mmmm the presbytery. kudos to leo. hope there's pictures.

miss you