not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, November 12, 2006

dreamy beach gypsy playing dress up

Peddler Ama stopped, sat down on the end of my chair. I scooted over to regain some personal space. She plopped her bags, heavy with silks and linens between us, patterns and colors spilling out. Despite my attempt at feigning polite disinterest, my eyes fell into an extended curious gaze. Burgundy, violet, sage, royal blue, ribbon'd edging. I pulled my eyes away from the textures and patterns, but it was too late. Peddler Ama saw it. The pull of the eyes.

I was a goner. Peddler Ama, a master business-woman, wasted no time. The game had begun. I "wasn't gonna buy anything" and Ama was going to let me look, just for fun....just to share a moment appreciating her handiwork. "Only looking for madam. No problem, only looking. These my design. I make. You not find other place. You only looking. No problem."

Sunscreen sticky and a wet matter to Peddler Ama. She draped me and twirled me around in silks of pink, green, purple with gold threads, white and pastel flowing linens. I was in heaven. A dreamy beach gypsy playing dress up.

Peddler Ama's wrinkled brown face smiled broadly. How big of a deal was she to score with this silly dreamy gypsy girl?

Enter Leo.

Peddler Ama (to me): Husband?
Dreamy gypsy: Yes.
Leo waves and flashes his pearly whites.
Peddler Ama (to Leo): You like?
She playfully twirl'd me around in the sand. Leo smiled, gave a thumbs up... and with that, Ama scored her first point. SOLD for three bucks to the dreamy gypsy in the sand.

Peddler Ama packed up and walked on, I twirled around, and Leo watched the waves.
We all had our smiles on.


MaMa Gast said...

Ohh, you lucky lucky girl. Why doesn't such things happen in Pontiac??? Must. see. picture.

Doug said...

Even if you made this up...I can SEE it all...I will come back and read this post again and it will be afresh, anew, full many a time...