not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahhhh...HIkkaduwa here we come

After the tea sensations of Hapultale and Kelbourne Estates we left our mark on the hill country and headed for our home-away-from-home, Hikkaduwa.

We spent most of day 5 traveling in the van in a curvey descension of about 6,000 feet to the flatlands of the coast. As we wound our way down towards the coast from the hill country, Ranjith told us, "this village is special for cashews"...."this village is special for curd"......"here is good place for freshest vegetables".....mmm, mmm, mmm ~ We stopped a few times for Ranjith to buy produce for home. Fresh curd, woodapples, and papayas just in time for Poya weekend. A special treat for city dwellers like Ranjith and the crew. His family would certainly be excited to receive such fresh goodness.

Until day 5 of our journey, we had escaped the rain but no sooner did we stop for lunch at a hotel on the southern coast did the skies open and dump a shower so strong that the roads were clear of traffic and full of water. Now, a rainy day in Sri Lanka is nothing to complain about. It's a special experience within itself. As if the jungle of the green in the leaves reaches farther out to you, slick and shiny everything sings itself loudly.....GREEN and LUSH and FULL and TROPICAL. All of those aspects are amped up. I LOVE THE RAIN ~

We finally arrived in Hikkaduwa. Ranjith dropped us off at WHY NOT, our home away from home here in Sri Lanka. We said our farewell and until next times . It had been a long day and Ranjith was peddle-to-the-metaling it to his wife in Colombo (another 3 hrs) still that evening.

Ranjith drove off and we were greeted on the road by the beach boys, the little brothers, the "MALEE-S". Immediately Zach was embraced as MACHUNG, brother in law, by the boys. Leo and I got our usual, AYYA (big brother) and AKKA (big sister) greeting and we all walked up the driveway to the guesthouse towards the water.

The next 5 days were a blur of fun in the sun.
Zach joined the beach brotherhood. He learned to play CAROM and we practiced our skills.
We grooved to the tunes of FUNKY de BAR.

Lunch at Askanka's house on the "jungle-side"


My blog-machine is sputtering so I'll continue our Hikkaduwa time tomorrow....
Stay tuned for Leo the TukTuk driver, the World's only MOONSTONE MINE, Coconuts drinkin' coconuts, and other such illustrations of dawgies in the sun~

Just a few last thoughts:
  1. Today is my cousin Reuben's birthday....happy birthday cuz.
  2. This past weekend the Lewis, Cline, Schoon, Clarady (ie part of my tribe) was gathered together at the farm in Coleman Michigan and I thought about them a lot.
  3. And lastly, on this MountainWave Adventure Tour, Erik was on my mind a lot. So thankful for the time we spent here together and hoping for another visit before 2007 is over.
  4. And really lastly, PEACE BE WITH EACH OF YOU.


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Doug said...

What a travelogue! Great narrative, fine photos. I'm feeling like a kid reading of the famous dreamland called Ceylon...or was that the Kama Sutra? I think I'm, papa