not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The beach, the eel and the board

Ahhhhh, 24 hours on the beach and I feel like new.

Each time we go to the beach, the beach and the water and the wave breaks are significantly different, due to the changing seasons. This time out front of the guest house the rocks were really visible, still under the water but you could walk out on them. It was like walking out on a rock cliff that was about 2 feet underwater. We walked out to the edge and dived off many many many times yesterday. The currents were strong but not too bad. A local friend came by with his mask in the evening and told us that there was a big moray eel living along the cliff wall (ie right where we were swimming) and it had bit a girl on her ankle awhile back, not a minor incident. I borrowed the mask, jumped in, swam down and after a few failed attempts, spotted it. WOW!! Beautiful. Yellow and blue in color with something like a leopard print. Living in the rocks. So....we kept to the side of the eel's home after that.

Leo bought a used longboard a few weeks ago and today was the maiden voyage. Sweet to see my man and his board. It's been a long time since there was good surf on this side of the island (season will really be good starting in November). Today he got lucky. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough to paddle out. He caught some good ones and showed the local grommits a little mountainwave hangten action. He's going to stay down there for a few more days to take advantage of the surf conditions and get to know his new board.

The countdown has begun for Zachary's arrival. 12 days!! Big smiles.


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