not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What a week!

After a fun filled week in Thailand, we are back in rainy Colombo. Erik has a fun stomping ground in Thailand and many good friends. We spent some time submerged in Erik's space until he left for Frankfurt and World Cup festivities, then we continued our fun in the sun on Thong Nai Pan beach with our new friends, eating good food, and watching World Cup. (The picture above is a view of the beach we stayed at from above. We got the shot on our flight home.) Watching World Cup with an international crowd on neutral ground is a blast. The US did not fair so well in their first game against the Czech Republic, and it's easy to see why so many fans are passionate about the game. We got a lot a slack for the US' performance. All in good fun of course. So it was extra fun for us to see Ghana stun the international stage with their performance against the Czech Republic. (Or was Ghana shocked by the Czech's performance?)

Ghana is also the first African team to win a game in the tournament this year.

A fantastic win for Ghana, but in order for the US to advance to the next round they have to beat Ghana, and Italy also has to beat the Czechs in the next game.

Unfortunately, we missed the messy Italy vs. US game. We were on the plane returning home. The World Cup fun continues, but now it will be mingled in with the work week. But we can't complain after a fabulous week of making new friends, spending quality time together, and catching up on rest and relaxation. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Doug said...

Your friends in Siam gave you some slack on the US sure they didn't give you some 'flack' as well? The Yanks showed up against Italy though, and I watched the second half of that game. Was Eric there?

Phil and family are heading to Austria to tour Europe and bring Emma home after her semester spent in Salzburg. Pat and Scarlett and her kids are arriving here tonight to spend a week on the beach and hang out in Mossy Head. My best buddy from back home, Rochie and his family are arriving today in Cape San Blas (southeast of Panama City) for their annual vacation. I hope I can get some time off this week...

love ya's...papa

Doug said...

Oh yeah...Zack is in Manchester, Tennessee this weekend, I think, at the Boogaloo or Burgoo or Bonnaroo Fest. Never heard if he received the tickets...wonder if I'll hear from him TODAY!

The Youngs said...

welcome back dawggies, we've missed ya, and are looking forward to hearing your tall Thai tales. the Youngs xxxx

ERIK said...

Hecks yeah that was fun!!!!