not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, May 11, 2006

big e

big e!
back in colombo.
the 3 musketeers have reunited.
e lost his beer belly somewhere in thailand.
he's lookin' extra good. nice and tan and slim and trim. blue eyes a' smilin'.

tomorrow is Vesak. Buddha's birthday, Poya Day (Full Moon).
most Buddhist people go to temple for the day. local staff at my office have the day off but the foreigners are working. Erik and Leo will probably take a stroll down some of the main drags tomorrow and see how Vesak is celebrated in Colombo.

we're enjoying the return of erik for another few weeks while his visa renews for thailand. he'll probably hang out with us in Colombo and hopefully we can get to the beach soon. he's going to want to visit the brothers in Hikkaduwa, for sure.

tonight is my last night with the shrummie spummie. none of my spots have disappeared. erik tells me that this is a common issue in st. thomas. people there just rub dandruff shampoo on their back and it usually clears up. if my patches don't go away in the next few weeks, i'll be gettin' me some head-n-shoulders.

Vesak, tomorrow's holiday, normally marks the hottest part of the year here in Sri Lanka and the very beginning of the rainy season. It is crazy heavy hot. Everything is flowering. The trees are abloom. It's beautiful but it's heavy heavy heavy. After Vesak, normally the rains come and it gets cooler. I anxiously await the rain. Everyone is talking about the rains, wondering if we will be lucky enough for them to arrive this weekend. It will be interesting to see how things change through the Sri Lankan "seasons". I can't imagine things getting more lush...everything is green and it hasn't rained much in awhile. Soon it will rain everyday....I'm so curious....peeking around the corner of this hot night. Will it rain tomorrow?

signing off,
big E, the sleeping White Dragon, and Sa

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TheMoms said...

I love that you are together.I wish I was there