not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, April 24, 2006

life on monday

monday morning with half-eyes and saturday spirits
not so eager to live the workday ahead
coffee raises eyes to three quarters mast
quiet friendly morning chatter warms a spot for my spirits
Awakening to the blessing of today.

Our news since returning from fantasy island:

last week my project agreement was signed sealed and delivered to geneva. it's a good thing. i was beginning to think the fat lady just wan'gonna sing. it doesn't change much in my day to day reality but gives me a fresh outlook and good feeling.

Leo has begun volunteering his creative and visionary energy on a daily basis. The environment in which he works is challenging. He's getting really good experience and exposure to people and issues and needs and obstacles. Lots to be thankful for, lots to learn, lots to offer.

friday night after work, we went to Hikkaduwa to join our Sri Lankan brothers (little bro Kalu pictured here) in a reggae raindance. The guesthouse we frequent hosted a big'ole beach concert that was advertised as far as Colombo and brought in a big crowd of local and foreign good people. The message was peace. A much needed message in these violent days.

Around 2:30am the heavens opened. It POURED and Leo & I fell asleep with our door and windows open to a storm-breeze. Saturday and Sunday Leo hung out with friends and I worked on getting my scuba license (i got it, i got it!! an open water diver am i, joining the ranks of Erik and Leo). The island is hot. The sun bakes us slick. The violence escalates in far away places with long names but they are not so far and the place names have become familiar. We pray for peace. We read the papers and ask questions, listen to ideas and perspectives of our local friends and colleagues.

Back and forth the pendulum swings.

Colombo is ok. We are registered with the US Embassy which doesn't mean a whole lot but if you ever need to know that, we ARE.

Heading off to bed with eyes back at three quarters mast. Have a blessed day and sweet dreams.

Peace, Peace, Peace,
MountainWave Dawgs

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