not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, March 16, 2006

welcoming spirit of community

Before moving to Sri Lanka, we lived in a little nest of a place in Alexandria VA with our dogs. We were outside a lot....tending the tiny garden, hanging out with the dogs...and by being out, we saw often saw our neighbors, all with their different lives and ways. The more we became acquainted with them, the more we were drawn together. All young professionals with busy stressful lives, we were often tired after work, but shared an appreciation for genuine fellowship. Chats out front became more and more meaningful. Sharing joys and frustrations about life. Knocking on each other's door for sugar, milk, eggs, vegetable oil, aluminum foil, a hug, a listening ear, some company, just hanging out. Our door was actually open most of the time. Neighbors would come and go...or come and stay :) Gradually it began to feel like a family. We KNEW each other. We kept each other in our thoughts and prayers for different reasons, we laughed about things, we helped each other sometimes, we were making a community and it felt special. When we moved away, this was one of the things that was very sad to loose. Tonight I sit in our apartment remembering them, our neighbors from back home and I miss them!
Across the small road from our new place, on the other side of the world is a one story tin roofed house, which has been expanded over the generations to accomodate kids and brothers and mothers. We know each other's faces now and learning a little more about each other as the days pass. There is a significant language barrier but already I feel like there is something more than our single apartment to "come home to"....when I walk up our road, there are friendly faces. We smile and wave, we recognize each other. In this brief moment, I feel the welcoming spirit of community. It's a little a jewel.

Sending vibes of appreciation to our neighbors back home across the miles. We miss you john,mike,susan,amber,charlie,kaleb,chico,misty,steph,tim,elaine,barbara,cari,carrie&bobbie, patti, bosco and bosco's sister. people, dogs, cats, and all the ups and downs and chase your tail arounds we lived through together. If Shadow could read and post a comment, he would snortingly agree. And Kodie, watching us all from smiling a grandp- dog smile with happy memories.

Love and peace to each of you...hope all is well.

And to the new neighbors here...mountainwave juju done moved into da hood...extending our hands and hearts in greeting and blessing as newcomers to this good place.

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Chaz said...

Funny that you've written this today - all of us hung outside together for the 1st time in awhile tonight. Some idiot crashed his car into the power box at the corner of Quaker and Preston around 8:00, and we had no power. Everyone came outside and hung out for awhile - it was fairly nice out - around 55 degrees. Met the folks who've moved into your old place. They're really nice - and she says she used to work with you Sara! Her name is Rebecca. We're gonna miss living here too - but we'll only be a 1/2 mile away.

Miss you guys,