not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, March 23, 2006

thursday nights

Thursday nights have always been an awesome night of the week for me.

When I was little, it was Magnum PI, Cosby Show, Family Ties, CHEERS. Maybe Mom read more pages for us in our book on Thursday nights because there was only one more day of work for her.....more Go Dog Go, more Stuart Little, more Pippi Longstocking, more Chronicles of Narnia, Erik in one arm and me in the other, and only one more day of school! perhaps there was a sleep-over planned for the following night, or maybe it was the day before our weekend to go to Dad's and swim in the King's Court pool, see Matt & Jess & Eva, play ATARI, eat rice krispy treats and red or green Jello.

Now Thursday nights mean "only one more day of work!" and the eve of Happy Friday. I value my work experience here but it is TOUGH GOING :) I savour my weekends, a time for me to re-charge my batteries and Thursday night is the earliest possibility to celebrate that feeling of rejuvination.

Looking into the future, next Thursday night will be the BEST EVER Thursday night because my husband is coming home. Yipeeeeeeeee!

Regarding yesterday's blog posting, I'm not going to Thailand in April. Leo's ready to come home. I'm ready to have him home.

Enjoy your Thursday night everybody, trust me when I say it feels as AWESOME as it always has :)


Ruth said...

Veri interesting, and glad that Leo is ready to come home too!! We are having some fun with the flu --not really!! I'll tell you - this is the worst flu Gram has had since the l960's in Boyden, Iowa. Trying to keep Grasmps isolated! More later. Love you all.

Chaz said...

Hey guys! We're all moved and now are drowning in boxes!!