not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, February 13, 2006

Tuk tuk test video - take 2

We are testing Picasa. We've been wanting to post short videos from our camera. Hopefully, this little video will show us on a tuk-tuk ride to the bowling alley yesterday. Tuk-tuks (a.k.a. rickshaws, three-wheelers, or cheap taxi) are our primary mode of transportation in-and-around town. There is an art to tuk-tuk riding; it primarily tests your bartering skills, your knowledge of where you are going and how much you are willing to pay, communication skills (we have gone to the 'Trans Asia' Hotel twice when we meant to go the the 'train station'), common sense, and patience. Even though it is relatively cheap to go just about anywhere in town it is customary to haggle with the tuk-tuk drivers for rides, but we have a couple local friends that we like to travel with. This video is of "Big Daddy," our neighbor, driving us. Not really sure why we call him Big Daddy, it just seems to fit. He lives across the street from our apartment. He doesn't speak much English, and we don't speak much Sinhalese (yet), but he is really nice and he knows his way around town.

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