not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, February 10, 2006

The one that didn't get away

I had to post this pic. This is a catfish Erik caught (and released) in Thailand (Erik guesses it weighed about 50-60 pounds). His interest in fishing has sparked a long forgotten flame I used to have for the sport when I was growing-up on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I've looked into deep-sea fishing here and it looks like we can go off the coast of the Negombo, a fishing village/tourist destination about an hour away from Colombo. The company that takes people out also provides other eco friendly tours like: white-water rafting, rock climbing, caving, whale and dolphin watching, we can also get certified in diving, (Erik recently got his dive certificate in Borneo with JoAnne). We'll see how the deep-sea fishing goes, then we may venture out into some of the other tours.

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Doug said...

So Erik came back to SL to enjoy the Super Bowl with y'all! I will update my blog...I promise...didn't say when!! Pictures of THE ring, the new motorcycle, etc.
Shadow is doing fine, although he has a cut on the right ear from another scrap. I'll fill you in ya's...daddio
p.s. the blog looks mighty fine!!!